Organizing events, implementing a strategy, building a communication campaigns needs practical and focus driven interventions, that are the result of a programming and of a collaboration among different competencies.

The event, in its manifold expressions, became a very important tool of conveying messages and contents. Events are effective “media” and integral parts of marketing strategies for companies, public and no-profit bodies. During the event people can interact with their five senses and get in touch with the products and contents in an immediate and direct way.
Vaegas Ideas Development can offer all the tools and competencies in the event organizing and development strategies. Vaegas develops ideas and offers services and facilities to the companies and bodies requiring them.

Our fields of activity:
  • Events management
  • Cultural development planning, in particular on actions promoting the mutual knowledge of different cultures and the exchange and integration of people from different origins on the Italian, European and International territory, with the collaboration with Embassies and Cultural Institutes.
  • Consulting and facilities for spaces management and facilities to the people and to the community
  • Cultural activities for the youth and children
  • Activities aimed at the overcoming of the obstacles and difficulties on the self-realization for people with disabilities and other kind of limitations.
Who we address to:
  • Companies who want to comunicate a message to a specific or general audience throught events, publications or web
  • Public bodies needed expertise and professionality in the field of event management, production management and communication
  • To private associations or bodies wanting to develop ideas and actions.
  • organize events as a moment of information, contents and proposal communication throught the active partecipation of their target.
  • spread the artistic, literary and scientific culture through the collaboration among people, bodies and associations
  • promote the professional training in the field of cultural promotion and event management
  • organize and participate at national and international meetings, seminars, courses and shows as a tool of enhancement and development in the social, cultural and civic life
  • edit, publish and spread printed material (books, reviews, papers etc)
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