“Vaegas – Ideas development” is an event management and communication agency, developing ideas and strategies.

“Vaegas – Ideas development” is a cultural association promoting newfangled projects that consider culture an economical, aestethical and structural growing factor of society

“Vaegas – Ideas development” are six women with a long-lived experience and competence in the field of event organization and communication.

Their winning cards are perceverance and drive, accuracy and speed in the ideas development and organization costs cutting down.

In a global world where information and culture are essential elements for the cohabitation among human beings, the way interchange and exchange moments are organized and the information circulates is crucial as it often appears scattered and inefficient.

We can help to give a more efficient and solid shape to your events and to the development of your ideas.

Valeria Trotta
general secretary and president of the association

Angela Cardeti
logistics and production

E rica Andreini
photography and optimization

Giusi Nibbi
production manager and international relationship

Annalisa Savoca
photography and documentation

Silvia Poledrini
press agent and communications manager

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